The truth is that I had a lot of words written down, and then I deleted them because well, I feel my photographs will say more about my weekend then I really could.

I'm grateful for my friend for being persistent and pushing me to visit her Aunt's lake house with her, even though I refused many times because I had a packed weekend ahead.

I am learning to "let go" a little and take the ride of adventure more while reminding myself it's OK if everything isn't always "perfect", in the big picture, no one will stand up at my funeral and say "man, remember when she hosted a party and didn't vacuum her couch beforehand?".

The open car windows & Taylor Swift blasting was much needed, along with just generally seeing my friend again

& spanning time with her in a most magical location. Peep her gorgeous self below (I love you T).

I did also pick up a wonderful new treasure (or two) that you'll be seeing in upcoming photo shoots.

Ohhhhh - ahhhhhhhh!

The birthday party was amazing & the pool was well used by quite a few folx, including my 8 year old neighbor, Larry, who has become quite the fish since finding out we have a pool.

I love that kid.

I love everyone.

Cheers to living this crazy life we all do....