Guava Jelly.

My new favorite strain.

I want to say so much about this brilliant flower that a friend grows in Maine

but i'm actually lacking for words that can even do it justice.

It's VERY mellow but I felt all my creative juices flowing so effortlessly with it.

She was definitely loud in her femme forward spirit & this will now be my go to for PMS pain, sleep & editing photographs due to her perfectly delicate balance between mellow and energetic.

It kind of felt like I was meeting my inner self a little deeper too - almost as if you can really FEEL the energy it's grown in.

Obviously that lead me down a much more windy road in though -

If you are like me, i'm a concious food eater & i'm constantly aware of energy, even within objects.

It's been said that i'm "too sensitive", which is funny because FUCK YEAH I AM, no one owns that better than myself - I digress.

Seriously though, when you consume your flower, in whatever way that you do, do you consider the way in which it was produced? Is the land, water, air quality, & love infused energetically important to you?

I suppose in a way it was to me, but I just never knew the depths of that until I tried Jessica & her husbands flower.

While i'm no stranger to beautiful flower, this just sits differently in your soul.

It's captivating from the second you see it, smell it, feel it...

I am so excited to see her presence in the cannabis industry grow (hehe) because this flower needs to be available to everyone, but especially those in pain or needing to go more inward.

I know Jessica is going to help heal so many with this magnificent flower, please give her a follow and watch it all unfold.

Oh, and p.s. welcome to my new blog - where i'll write about shit I care about and it may or may not be of any value to you, but I promise i'll keep it visually stimulating too.