If it scares you & excites you, it's probably worth doing.

What is boudoir?

Traditionally boudoir sessions were shot in a bedroom & a seductive, romantic style of portraits (often associated with lingerie & implied sensuality). However, many people in the past few years have taken to boudoir as a sense of empowerment, reclaiming your body & sexuality for yourself. Whatever reason you decide to do it, i'm here to ensure it's the most empowering session it can possibly be for you.

Do I have to be nude or wear lingerie?

Nope! As you'll see in some of the photographs below, many people decide to wear pj sets, tshirts, tank tops, etc. It's about what empowers YOU & makes you feel your best. When you book your session, we will discuss what options are right for you & i'll be available for any styling questions you have.

Do you provide the lingerie?

I do have a client closet that I pull curated pieces from for every shoot. There is no pressure to wear anything I pull but I like it to be an option for all. I find a lot of people want to buy a few new pieces and that's is rad - I am here to help however I can!

Do you allow nudity? Only fans content?

In short, yes! I am a fan of the body and again, empowerment is the name of the game here so if you feel your best in the buff then that's what i'll photograph. If you're doing this for onlyfans content, please just let me know so we can build a package for you based on that as traditionally you cannot use a photographers work to earn money from unless there is a release involved so let's chat & make it work!

Are you 420 friendly?

Yup! I am actually the first boudoir photographer in buffalo that started doing 420 boudoir sessions and they're just so fun. I do like to caution that pacing yourself during a session is the way to go. We are adults and can monitor ourselves but to have the best experience and photographs, slow & steady will win the race. Once again, let's chat and plan a style that works for you.

*Must be 18+ to book a boudoir session*

Ready to book or have more questions? Send me a message below!

Have questions? Send me a message!