Oh Baby, Baby!

This weekend I had the immense pleasure of photographing Challis, a soon to be mama.

She was so beautiful and absolutely radiating that pregnancy glow. I was honored to be a part of her journey into motherhood through photography.

It's not everyday that a client walks in with ideas and concepts so I am always eager when they do.

She arrived and let me know she was wanting specific silhouette style photographs and I loved that!

We were able to use the natural 4pm light to get these beautiful shots and it was a breeze to work with her.

I am in awe of her confidence and the comfort of her stance - she knew what she wanted and it resulted in some amazing captures. I also loved that her little girl was kicking and seemed to be quite active during our session.

I hope I get the pleasure of meeting her when she arrives and perhaps we will have some newborn sessions to look forward to. Congratulations, Challis!