Investing in Boudoir & All About ME

Investing in a boudoir session is investing in an experience. As such, don't feel obligated to pick your photographer based on cost, word of mouth, etc. You really do need to get to know them, trust them, and feel safe with them to ensure you have the best possible outcome. It's an intimate yet powerful event and you deserve to be in good hands for it.

As such, I figured it would be fun to get to know me a little better so here is some random information about me.

· I moved to South Africa when I was 17 & lived there for a year – I’ve also lived in Mexico, 6 different states & traveled pretty extensively. My favorite place in the world is still Joshua Tree, California

· I have known I wanted to be a photographer since I picked up my moms Pentax k1000 when I was 14 years old

· My hair has been every color of the rainbow & I had bright red dreadlocks for a while

· When I am working through tough things in my life, I rearrange things in my house (I have done this my entire life, even as a teenager I would rearrange my room)

· I was “un-schooled” after 3rd grade & got my GED at 16 (I later went to College for Behavioral Science & Photography while also dabbling in Early Childhood Education - i'm quite the mixed bag, I know!)

· I love live music, music festivals, art, the smell of sunscreen lotion, the mountains & the beach, Halloween & camping

· I have a massive blended, amazing, and vibrant family

· I sucked my thumb until I was 8 years old - and then had a party to celebrate quitting

· I am not a fan of sports or sporting events, and I’m only competitive with myself

· I have more tattoos than I can count and it’s incredibly important to me to stay connected to the body modified world. Bmezine helped shape who I am today

· I began babysitting at 12, worked for parks & recreation and was a nanny for a long time. I can’t wait to be a mother – someday.

· I am a Libra (and every Libra has to shout that from the rooftops because we’re just dang proud of it)

· I dream of having a farm someday & currently have 2 cats & 2 dogs

· I am an open-book and have been criticized for oversharing – which hasn’t stopped me at all

· My favorite word is "fuck"

Wanna know more? See the last statement.