Documenting Journey's

So, about a month ago I wrote a blog about the journey of transitioning from male to female. Although my insight is somewhat limited as I have not personally made this journey myself, I do feel that my empathetic nature lends some use here. As humans, we can’t possibly expect everyone to know firsthand what we’re going through or struggling with, but if we can find people who are at least empathetic, then we have support & that can often be enough.

I’ve always considered myself to be somewhat trusting and open to opportunities, callings, universal offerings – whatever it is you call it, I pay attention. I listen to my gut, I trust my movements, I follow my heart. There are so many things that need to align in effort for other things to work. Often it feels like a light bulb, an awakening, an “ah-ha” moment – if you’re just willing to hear it and remain open to it.

This is mine. Welcome.

Photography to me is about telling stories but also visually capturing emotions within those stories. I would venture to say that many photographers feel similarly, though they may differ on the methods in which they tell those stories. Some might use Photoshop, or dramatic sets (like one of my favorites, Annie Leibovitz) – regardless, they use powerful imagery to tell a story. I do consider myself one to use imagery, however, I equally love words. If I had to only pick one creative expression, I honestly don’t think I could do it. Imagery and linguistics go hand and hand with me. I want people to explore both, to have both, to know both matter within the stories I weave and offer. That being said, when I began to embark on the “why” for doing what I do, it became so clear that I had to literally close my eyes to harness the moment. I had to shut down a few of my senses to really grasp it. Weird, huh? It was powerful.

“Kaitlyn – get on with it!” Sorry. I will.

Here it is: why I do what I do is to document a journey, to help humans tell their story, to help folks find their most authentic self and embrace it; to harness self-love, self-care and self-respect.

That brings me to my latest session. Recently, I photographed a naturally radiant woman who was once very much into weight lifting and embracing her muscular build. However, the past couple of years she’s taken a break and we photographed her as she is now. She’s going to be lifting again soon and we will continue to document her journey into this process. It’s a really powerful thing to be able to visually capture these changes and provide a story along side it. I am humbled and honored that she chose me. I don’t take the responsibility lightly, it’s what I love about doing what I do.

So, are you ready for this announcement, or what?!

I am eager to deliver my newest session offering, Journey through Transition.

This unique session will be one cost for two sessions. We will start with a 1 on 1 and discuss your journey. At that point, we will determine the best timing for your second session. Perhaps it'll need to be somewhat flexible, i'm open to that. This is YOUR journey so it's tailored to you.

This is specifically for those who are on a journey of acceptance – as you are right now, and who you’re working towards becoming. I have worked with pregnant mamas into motherhood, those who are transitioning genders, folks who've changed their body through weight lifting, weight loss, etc. and I am open to it all.

This is where your journey begins. I am right here with you. Jump with me.