Cheers, darling.

Often with photography you find yourself in a still moment where you have to pause and express the deepest gratitude to the universe for putting you in this time and place. I was there today. I feel as if I am still there. (Thank you, Universe).

Kaitlin and I met 3 years ago when I had just moved to Buffalo and we were both living in Artspace Lofts. She trusted me to photograph her in her home studio only months after I moved into the building & today she trusted me again to photograph her, though in a very different setting.

Boudoir photography offers a gentle, sultry, and vulnerable insight to all the beauty a woman harnesses. It is critical as a photographer to embrace that dynamic and really comprehend how to transcribe it within a photograph. I suppose this could be difficult at times, but with Kaitlin, it was effortless. She came with visions and I ran with them. I should also mention that both Kaitlin and I are big advocates on the healing properties of CBD and Cannabis. She's doing some incredible work with Flowered Wellness here in Buffalo, New York. As such, that was a desire to highlight, which we did & I LOVED.

During our session, Kaitlin and I chatted (quite a bit) and the topic of “posing” came up. I know it’s typical to “pose” models and clients, but I find if you allow a woman to find her natural rhythm, she does it with ease. Naturally, I will guide a little or adjust a few small details, but really, women are incredibly brilliant & naturally sexy if you give them the space to be.

I hope this set allows other women to see their own potential and embrace all of the possibilities available to them. Please browse my FAQ section if you’re hesitant, interested, terrified, on the fence, etc. I always strive to ensure you have the best possible experience and have some tangible memories to fall in love with.