I haven't written a blog in just over 2 months. I can't pinpoint why exactly, it's just been a little hectic I suppose & pauses happen.

Anyways, I am not going to make this blog about me. Some of you know how amazingly talented my brother is with his words & for those of you who don't - saddle up.

He's magic and I am ambitious. When everything else feels heavy & as if it's failing, we have that at least.

Cheers - to his words meeting my photographs & the effortless draw between the two time & time again.

I had this dream again

You were there

And the Red Sox were winning

Except this time

Other people were keeping us apart

Which was nice

It hurt less

Then you looking down that classical nose at me

And telling me to speed up

So that you could slow down

Like a fly in central air

Shrink wrapped in spasms of darkness

Still terrified of heights

And canary yellow sunlight legs spread apart with telephone lines

Staggered breath after staggered breath

Your heaving breasts

Throwing up enough debris to seal the sunlight

Until 50 years pass and I tend to awake in brain damaged shape

To the sound of moans caught in amber

The way a mind negotiates pain when you're asleep

Like the smell of burning leaves at twilight

When the summer ends

In a sweet scented blur

Of night blooming primrose