Lovers are difficult

We fall in love with blades of grass wrapped in summer’s kisses, we love midnight skies full of Milky Way’s maps, we love winding roads with cracked pavements and we will ask you to stop – pull over – to feel this moment for a second longer.

We bask in the barefoot porch dances and the risks of the wooded paths.

We aren’t afraid of feeling everything just a little deeper and we speak with intent.

But lovers, like this are difficult.

We unintentionally thrive on complications and the winding roads that make zero sense when all you really want is a map.

We have no idea how to balance the lust for sunshine with the hunger for foggy gray mornings. It’s more than a simple love, it’s more than a word of “I’m yours”, and it’s more than Sunday mornings promised.

It’s the midnight desires of showing up at doors steps – (don’t tell me you want me, show me).

It’s the way you don’t stop looking even when your eyes close because it’s deeper than the eyes go, it’s something you don’t even know is there until it’s not there any longer, it’s something that you can’t taste, no matter how much your taste buds dance together.

We will wrap you up in spontaneous offerings of all we have, and it’ll feel good for a while.

But eventually you’ll want to settle down, and you’ll want a piece of what could be forever.

But lovers like this can’t offer such promises.

We can’t offer final thoughts like always & never, though we will daydream of it. We aren’t capable of slowing down, and we wouldn’t want to.

We don’t know how to put conditions on our love & stop at the stop signs with the rings that symbolize so much more than our wild hands can handle.

You’ll hurt. You’ll never understand what you did wrong, or didn’t do enough of.

It’s not the intentions of anyone who loves wild, it’s just a sort of price paid to those involved. If there was any control over this, we’d take it, but we will never stop trying to finally find "home", knowing, that to us, it is always close, but never fully within reach...

“Love is like a sin, my love, for the ones that feel it the most.”