Rising Tides

This blog post is a certain kind of special.

When I was about six years old, my brother was born.

Since he was tiny and wrinkly I felt nothing but love for him.

We've had our sibling battles, possibly more than most have had - but he continues to inspire me & I will never stop feeling protective over him as if he was still tiny & wrinkly.

I am honored to share this week - one of his poems.

I will probably continue to share them as it feels right - but if you'd like to explore them more on your own, you can visit his tumblr here.


Rising Tides

Luscious and laconic

requiring a reply

made out of inverse excuses


that big hush

faster than the heartbeats

of golden brides

drifting into the West

and the kinds of pills

that don’t come with notes

But here

you’re accepted

all the same

you sink from the bottom

rising with the daylight

into the nighttime

Lit by corner Street lamps

as common as your name


the cover of familiar clouds

soft as black feathers

and luminous

as unexpected fertility

My waking hours

are coloured with your eyes

as blue as hidden veins

and as round as the moon

the tide of your pupils

draws me in

with every blink

I dissolve

into carbon monoxide


for you to breathe me in.