Moments Stolen

It was brought to my attention a few moments ago that someone I had taken photographs of for a project used my photograph to promote her business/website, however she didn’t ask my permission or give credit. While I consider myself to be a pretty relaxed and open person, I don’t take kindly to disrespect. While this isn’t the first time this person has disrespected me, I expect it’ll be the last. Pardon me, but this may be a bit of a dirt road, fist swinging kind of talk..

This happens so frequently in the art world that it’s almost impossible to stop. While the level of disrespect is great, what bothers me most is when someone calls themselves an artist – they’re saying they create, they’re saying they understand, they’re saying they respect the art world – and yet clearly, with this type of person, they don’t.

Anyone who would steal another person’s art (and it is stealing when you don’t have permission or fair acknowledgement), you are not an artist. You’re infatuated with the idea, not the actuality of it.

Being an artist hurts.

It hurts every day when someone asks for free services, as if this is a gift you’re required to give to everyone for free. It hurts when you realize the only love you’ll ever really have is that relationship with your art, so in turn you do things for free.

It hurts when you’d rather invest in your art than take trips, or sometimes even feed yourself.

It hurts when you fall asleep with looming ideas and wake up to an empty brain….time slips like that. It hurts.

Art can be beautiful too, don’t get me wrong. It’s my one great love.

But for those of you who have this idealistic “I want to be an artist” way of thinking that leads you to beg, borrow, and steal from the fellow artists around you – kindly fuck off.

Artists deserve to be paid. Artists deserve respect. Artists deserve acknowledgement. Period.