Okay, here we go...

Alright, ok, this is slightly nerve wracking but that can't possibly hold me back any longer.

It's been quite a strange last few days.

My ego is blown, my heart is heavy, and my eyes are wide.There are so many changes that needed to be made but it was exhausting just to get out of bed in the morning and motivate myself to go to this cold, dark office that was littered with toxic intentions.

But I am here. I am free from that place. My cage door has been un-latched and i'm free to roam.

So baby, watch me roam.....

I have made it a point to at least once a week challenge myself, photographically speaking and likely metaphorically speaking too. This week I wanted to be a little more adventurous in nature as I was just released from the confines of a dull office life and I was hungry for air filled lungs.This is only my first post so I won't drag it out - but these are a few from today.