On another love..

Alright, this is a shame…how have I not added to this blog in so long?

Oh yeah, I was busy driving across the country and listening to the sounds of transitioning as I found myself in a new city with unfamiliar faces and highways. So, it was brought to my attention that someone actually reads these, and appreciates them and you know what – even if that’s the only person that ever reads these and gains some value from it then that’s good enough for me to keep doing it.

It’s the kind of gray (grey) outside that makes you want to sink into a hole filled with movies, blankets, and a lovers arms – but seeing as I don’t have a lover, or really even want one honestly, I’ve put on my favorite song for the day (https://youtu.be/02HIyrhn-4Q) and filled my coffee mug to the brim. I have found all these points of inspiration around my new home, yet it still feels so cold and empty sometimes – I guess that’s what you get after staying with people for months while moving. I have this desire now to adopt fifteen cats, a couple of dogs, some goldfish (mostly to taunt the cats), and maybe even a hamster – because why not? I just want LIFE all around me. I want plants and I want to talk to them, I want an animal in every room and I want to know I am not alone. Perhaps that’s the real issue here. Well, anyways, that should probably be for another blog because I’m not lonely really. I am so fulfilled and so overwhelmingly grateful for what’s happening in my life.

Ok, wait, this song though – “And I wanna cry, I wanna love – but all my tears have been used up, on another love….” Yup. He has it. It’s so perfect. I won’t move on until I stop seeing his face everywhere, until I stop wishing his smell was invading my bed, until I stop remembering his midnight cravings and his 3 am ramblings. I am just not ready & for once, that is ok. I’ve got so much more in my life to focus on & I’m not sure I’ve ever truly felt that way.

Well anyways, that’s not exactly what I had in mind when I sat to write this blog but I suppose that was on the surface scratching to be let out. So, until next time...

(Oh, and the photograph I used today was a photograph I took years ago but has inspired me to create more conceptual work and drown myself in the creativity of it all....)