That one moment..

I apologize for the delay in writings.



I’ve been going through some strange emotions that have left me slightly discouraged in terms of writing and photographing. Luckily, it took one solid, long stare up at the desert night sky to shake me right. The photographs I’m sharing this week are from my trip to the River over this past weekend.

Now into some other news, a very, very big decision has been made. I’ve struggled living in San Diego for the last ten years because half of my heart is in Buffalo, New York. My Mother, two brothers, (RAD soon to be sister in-law) and nephew live there. It has never been easy flying back once a year just to have my heart split and shattered when I leave a week later. So, the universe has taken my corporate job from me and left this void in my gut that’s been yelling “what are you waiting for?!”

THIS IS IT. This is your sign, your open door, and your “ahh-haa” moment. Pack up your car, take the epic road trip journey of your life, and start living.

So, here I am, making charts and graphs of funds, things to sell, things to ship, things to get closure on, and faces to memorize the every inch of before I leave. Luckily I’ve given myself ample time, about two months to be exact.

In terms of my Photography, it will be a really amazing journey that will be blogged, photographed, and etched into my own skin for all to see. Trust that. The decision to move to Buffalo is also strategic on some levels for my photography. I’ll have seasons to work with and the artist community is thriving but not over saturated as it is in San Diego. So this is it. Here we go….prepare for the journey with me.