Universe? Hello?


I have been reading my horoscope from www.freewillastrology.com for years and years now. Sometimes it makes me laugh, sometimes it makes me roll my eyes, and on days like today, it takes my breath away.

The line at the end says "Give yourself the gift of fertile emptiness."

WHAT?! Give myself what? You're kidding me? How on earth could you have known I needed to read this? My gut felt (and still does as I just read this 20 minutes ago) like it imploded into my entire being.

Of course I need to allow myself to be empty. How else will the universe hand me these sign I need to see?

I just got home from spending a good chunk of the morning with my dear friend (I love you, if you're reading this) and she gave me some words that struck a chord in conjunction with this horoscope, it's a bit much emotionally but I’m diving in.

Anyways, she said in so many words to try and not worry as much, and even though it's so difficult, but the less I worry, the more open I will be to the signs I need to point in the direction I need.


I need to find my emptiness, I need to embrace my clear heart & mind to allow doors to open and for my being to recognize those doors opening.

So I think, ok, in theory, sure - this makes all the sense in the world, but how do I actually do this?

Well, for one I am here, writing it - but I need to regain focus.

I need to remember back to a place where my head was mostly empty and free of clutter and directed appropriately.

Where was this place?

It was some years back. I was a nanny for a family and they brought me on a family vacation to Portugal. I felt alive, blessed, and so very thankful the universe provided this opportunity to me and I felt emotionally free.

So that's it, I’ve got to remember that feeling, what caused that feeling, and hold onto it while moving forward open to all that may develop....

This is one of many photographs taken in Portugal….strange and yet so fitting.