Oh hey, i'm Kaitlyn.


When I was 16, I started taking night classes at The Evergreen State College for photography.

I developed a rich passion for film, the smell of a darkroom, and how brilliant the art of Photography is.

Although I did study Photography, I also studied Behavioral Science and Early Childhood Education (I know, i'm a weirdo who has vast interests).

It wasn't until a friend said to me in 2018 "Hey, why don't you try shooting Boudoir?" That was it for me. I never looked back.

Boudoir is empowering, sexy, confident, vulnerable, healing & most of all, it's a tangible experience you'll carry with you forever.

It is my job to show you a side of yourself you may feel like you're meeting for the first time. 

Beyond my love of photography & empowering woman, I have lived quite the eclectic life, including an array of places (South Africa, Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Tennessee, California) but I currently reside in Buffalo, New York. 

Eventually i'll reside in Joshua Tree, CA but that's a story for another day...

I love burritos from San Diego, the word "fuck",

being in any body of water (baths to oceans), my (all) animals

& i'm obsessed with the moon.

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