Why should I invest in a boudoir shoot?

To celebrate YOU! No, really! Perhaps you want to share photos with a partner, show your body off (curves are beautiful, tattoos are beautiful, everyone’s unique body is beautiful), or maybe you just want to feel empowered, sultry, and confident. The reasons people have boudoir sessions done are all personal but it’s a powerful and incredible experience that you deserve to have. It is completely normal to feel hesitant or nervous. That is why you have me. I work with each client and their unique style to create the session and experience that ensures complete satisfaction and an experience they’ll never forget. NOTE: Please see additional FAQ (boudoir specific) below.

What is an "alternative lifestyle" session?

This is a very broad way to encompass an array of options. It primarily focuses on sessions that may be considered “taboo” for some and a less mainstream style session. The social norm is great for some people, but what about those who don’t know if their chosen photographer would be comfortable with bondage, latex, fetish, transgender, queer, etc.? I am comfortable with it all. I embrace each client’s individual needs and we both work towards a common goal through discussions of intent, style, and interest. This session often includes props that clients bring. Get creative, embrace your inner "wild", and let's have fun with it!

Who has access to my images?

Your selected session photographs are posted to a private, password-protected gallery that only you and I have access to. Beyond that, if you do not wish to have your photographs published in my portfolio, social media, or used beyond your own personal use, I will respect that fully. I understand that my client’s privacy is the most important aspect of what I do and while I love to be able to show off my work (and your stunning photographs), it is really up to you if that’s an option for me or not.

What payment options do you accept?

I will send you an invoice for your session and you can pay via credit/debit card.

During your reveal, you can pay for additional products with cash, paypal, or credit/debit card.

If you need to set up a payment arrangement, please contact me so we can create a custom plan that works for you.

NOTE: There is a 50% non-refundable deposit required on all bookings. 

Where does my photo shoot happen?

Great question! The choice is yours. I strive to keep my studio fresh & visually appealing for those who may not want to have a session in their own home, however, many clients enjoy the personal touch of their own home and that’s wonderful! My only request is that if you want the photo        shoot to be done in your home, please send me photos of your home (so I can prepare with lighting, etc.) and/or allow me to come view your space prior to the shoot. This can be an excellent time to answer any questions or allow me to ease whatever concerns you may have.

How long will it take to receive my images?

I understand the anticipation and I strive to have the quickest turn around time possible for you. Within 2 weeks you should expect to receive a link in your e-mail to your private gallery where you can download the photographs and/or place any orders you’d like.

If you have a time crunch and need your images sooner than my standard 2 week timeline then there will be an additional fee. Please discuss this with me prior to booking. It is important to me that you feel confident booking so don't hesitate to reach out with any requests and

Boudoir Specific FAQ's

How do I feel Comfortable? (Can I have some wine)?

It is normal to feel nervous! However, you are the best person to know what will help you relax. I have no problem with having a glass of wine or stiff drink before/during your shoot, in fact, we can even photograph that if you’d like. All I ask is that you drink responsibly, limit yourself to one or two drinks and do not leave my house intoxicated. If you seem intoxicated, I will ask you to have someone pick you up or call an uber. Alternatively, I am medical marijuana friendly so if that’s how you like to relax, that is fine also. I always let my clients select music for their shoots if they’d like and it's vital to me that my clients are comfortable. We move at YOUR pace and never do anything you’re uncomfortable with.

Do I have to wear lingerie?

Nope! You do NOT have to be nude or wear anything specific. My goal is for you to feel confident and secure, if that means you want to wear clothing, then that is perfectly fine. I encourage all clients to look at Pinterest for “boudoir” images that can spark interest beyond traditional lingerie and nudity. I do provide some blankets, sheets, and pillows while also helping with poses, direction, etc. so please let me know if you're insecure about certain parts of your body and/or limitations you may have.


Can I do Maternity Boudoir?

Absolutely! This is actually a perfect time to invest in a boudoir shoot to help you feel confident, sexy, and liberated. I encourage all women who are expecting to invest in some pampering. Get those nails done and throw on some clothes/lingerie you feel confident in and let’s capture the beauty that lies within being pregnant.

Can my partner be in some photos? Can I bring a friend?

For the boudoir sessions, no. This is a one person only shoot and it’s all about YOU. I do however offer a package specifically for couples and I am more than happy to encompass boudoir style shooting into that session if you’d like. Additionally, if you and a friend want to both book a boudoir session the same day, I do offer a $50 discount for that, please contact me to book that.

What about plus size women, older women, or women with body image issues?

As a woman who’s been plus size most of my life, I FULLY understand this hesitation and fear. The beauty of what I do is that ALL women deserve this. Each woman has a unique beauty that I am confident in capturing and no one is the exception to that. This is about YOU and your beauty, it’s my job to show that off. I work with you on angles, poses, how to style your clothes, etc. We never do anything you’re uncomfortable with and you can rest assured that every woman has insecurities on some level, even the “models” that you see in magazines. Don’t worry about dropping weight first or needing to feel “perfect”. You got this. You deserve this. You're beautiful.

What about my hair and make-up?

I do offer professional hair and make up with 2 of my packages. 

If perfectly manicured hair & makeup isn't your thing, or you're super confident in doing it yourself, you can stick with the base package.